Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Review and Swatch: Ranee Eyeshadow Cream

Hi! So I was looking for cheap eyeshadow cream. I thought I'd have to go for ELF pre-order, which is gonna take a month to get here. I was kinda impatient because it may be needed for this weekend project, so I decided to take a stroll in ITC Depok. I dunno about ITC Depok, that place is so magical, you can find everything you can't even imagine to be found there. I found this in one of my favorite cosmetic stores, Frans Cosmetic.

ingredients: parafin liquid, sedellum elivate*, lanolin, beeswax, aqualarve*, emulsive wax, CL 77010, 77401, 77402, 77400, 77001*
*just a guess, the writing is not clear


on finger

on my lid




If you notice on the ingredients, yes it has beeswax. I don't know if it's common in cream eyeshadow, I guess no. Maybe because the beeswax, the texture is like lipstick instead of creamy. And it smells like lipstick too.

Nice color
Enough shimmer

The smell
Ugly packaging

Re-purchase: Yes, I'd like to have some more of this in any other colors..

It's an okay product for 18.000 IDR (2 USD). If we have E.L.F in the same price (ELF's 1$ line become about 3$ here) I'd go for E.L.F but this is okay.


  1. dinaaa... canteek banget cream eyeshadownya
    aku ga pernah main ke konter ranee sih, ga tau ada produk ini. murce pula.
    eh ya, staying powernya gimana say? ^^

  2. aku aja gatau ranee punya konter ahaha. disini toko kosmetik jual semua sih, ada ranee, inez, rivera, la tulipe, dsb..

    belon dicoba sih staying powernya tapi kayanya oke deh. soalnya tadi diurek2 pake tangan malah jadi ngeblend, bukannya ilang. ilangnya kalo pake pixy remover aja