Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Review and Swatch: Nonna Eyeshadow Palette No. 2404-02

I dunno why people judge this brand as a harmful one. I never had any problem wearing Nonna products. Their products are not in the same quality as fake cosmetics, even though often sold together. Nonna is a cosmetic brand from Taiwan, and they have permission from BPOM, or so they claim on their official Facebook account.

I bought this palette on Facebook, I got it cheaper because I won something like a competition held by the admin of Nonna Facebook account. They're so nice. I texted them so much and ask them questions like a lot, but they ain't even mad.

nice packaging, no? looks fancy to me

And here's some swatch. Top row were swatched using fingers and the rest using brush. And all colors are swatched on Aubeau Eye Make Up Base.

Top Row
shimmery white - shimmery light peach - shimmery pink - shimmery yellow - shimmery light green - matte green

Second Row
shimmery light ivory - shimmery gold - shimmery light bronze - matte soft brown - matte dark brown

Bottom Row
shimmery silver - shimmery burgundy - shimmery bronze - shimmery brown - shimmery dark plum - shimmery black

I personally love the burgundy and dark plum. The colors are very lovely. And I use the light peach for browbone highlighting, light ivory for nose highlighting, soft brown for nose shading, and dark brown for cheek shading.

I think this is a great product. And what I like is they have this palette in other colors. Check their Facebook account for more product, and I tell you, they have some really good palettes worth to buy, and in very affordable price too!

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  1. hai dina,aku tertarik juga nih dengan eyeshadow palette nonna,abisnya dikotaku banyak yang jual,selain itu harganya juga murce..thanks dah review ya :)