Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Haul #1

Hi all :) I know I never posted haul before.. But I'm starting to post it, so beware! Haha :D

I bought some tools. I realized my brushes and make up tools limit me from exploring and creating new looks. I ordered some brushes from ELF and coastal scents, they'll be here next month. I went to Matahari Depok Town Square and realized, they have tammia brushes! Some are cheap, but some of them are quite pricey for a broke student like me.

And here's what I bought :)

stacked jars, revlon superlustrous l/s, smudger sponge, kabuki, face painting

face painting
bought at TGA Margo City
Rp 30.000

Kinepin kabuki brush
bought at Cindy accessories, Margo City
Rp 30.000 :D

Tammia smudger sponge tip
bought at Matahari Depok Town Square
Rp 15.000

Stacked jars
Cindy accessories, Margo City
Rp 6.000

And last but not least.. The Revlon Superlustrous lipstick I bought for only Rp 25.000 :D

p.s. the color is actually skintone brown, like the color of NC 40ish skin :)
p.p.s. it's sheer :(
bought at centro margo city
Rp 25.000 :D


  1. uwaaaah ngiler brush-brush nyaaa >.<

  2. dina, face paintingnya lucuuuu...
    ditunggu eksperimennya pake itu yaaa ^^

  3. @yurina hehe, ayo beli2 brush juga haha ngeracun

    @kak pu iya kak mau ngikutin tutorialnya julia misschievous gitu deh :D

  4. dipake buat apa paint face-nya nek? tampak menarik :)

  5. nanti mo ngikutin salah satu tutorialnya julia mizzchievous, tunggu seminggu/2 minggu lagi ya jeng :D haha