Tuesday, March 22, 2011

FOTD: Pink with Purple Liner

I must be honest, I can never pull off pink eyeshadow. But this time, I think I pull it off. Check it out.

88 ultrashimmer palette (light purple mixed with light blue, hot pink, dark purple)
nonna eyeshadow palette (peach for browbone)
maybelline the magnum mascara
inez eyeliner pencil in white
inez eyebrow pencil in dark brown

wardah lip palette (colour used number 2)
wardah matte lipstick in nuddish peach

inez precious powdery cake in deep peach
inez blusher in autumn rose
(again, copied from the forum)

How I did it:

Eyes: Actually I didn't put any base on my eyes, but if you want the colour to look more vibrant, then you should. First I mixed the light blue eyeshadow and light purple eyeshadow from the 88 Ultrashimmer Palette on my brush, then I applied it on my lid. Then I applied the pink eyeshadow from the same palette on my outer corner and blended it inwards. After that I took my angled brush and applied the dark purple eyeshadow from the same palette as eyeliner with it. No, I didn't put any eyeliner anymore. I just applied Maybelline The Magnum Mascara on my lashes after that and line my waterline with Inez Eyeliner Pencil in White and fill my brows with Inez Eyebrow Pencil in Dark Brown.

Lips: I applied the pink colour from Wardah Lip Palette on my lips, then on top of it I applied Wardah Matte Lipstick in Nuddish Peach to make it less vibrant (because the eyeshadow colour is already so vibrant).

Face: I just put Inez Precious Powdery Cake in Deep Peach on my face and applied the Inez Blusher in Autumn Rose on my cheek.

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